Femtet 2019 Is Now Available with a New Solver Added

Femtet 2019 is released.

The fluid solver is added to the package.

The fluid solver calculates, for example, the fluid flows in the path where the obstacle is placed. The flow velocity and pressure are solved.

The analysis model below shows the simulation of the flowing air around the car.
The flow velocity becomes greater as the air flows toward the rear tires. The swirling air can be observed behind the car.

[The Air Flow around the Car]

[Vector Distribution of Fluid Velocity]

The fluid solver can be soupled with the thermal solver.

The analysis model below shows the simulation of the cooling of heat source placed on the substrate. The temperature distribution of the substrate is obtained.

[Forced Cooling of the Heat Source]

[Temperature Distribution]

Try the fluid solver with Femtet free version.

There two choices of free version.
Free with Full Functions and Free with Limited Functions.

Free with Limited Functions: Apply for the updated version from the site below.

Free with Full Functions: If you have a valid license, simply download the updated version with the installer at your hand. If the license already expired, apply for the updated version from the site below with your comment on the application form that you would like to try the fluid solver.


The Free with Limited Functions can be used as a viewer.

Macro function of Femtet

Today’s topic is macro function of Femtet.
You might have experienced spending long time to create a complicated analysis model or compile the results at many coordinates.
Macros of Femtet will save you such time!
Almost all of the operations on Femtet can by executed by macro function.
As shown in the Example 1, you simply enter the parameters to create a complicated model or obtain the results at multiple coordinates. The results output can be executed by macro as well.
Please refer to the macro samples (here).

[Example 1] Toroidal Coil Creation by Parameters on Excel

[Example 2] Obtain Results of Multiple Coordinates from the Result File

You don’t have to worry about the special knowledge of programming.
Femtet has a function to automatically create macro codes from the project you are working on. You can learn how to rewrite the code by, for example, modifying the parameters to change the analysis model’s shape.