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  1. Hi, I am very new to Femtet. I want to know about contour plotting, editing and saving. Is there any way to save certain portion of contour Plot & can we change color of the plot?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

    1. I replied to you as follows.
      If you don’t receive it, please forgive me.
      If you received it, please let us know.

      Thank you for using Femtet.
      I am Shozo Ohtera in charge of supporting our new users technically.

      A) Set up of contour
      1) On Result tab -> Display tab, select [Contour] and [Displacement]
      2)Click ▼ at [Graphics Setting]
      3)Select [Graphics Setting]
      4)Set up contour in the [Graphics Setup] dialog box.

      You can see for more information in Femtet Help.
      Help Map -> Show results -> Graphics Setup -> Contour

      B)View point set up
      You can register your favorite viewpoint. You can find the setting tab following procedures below.
      Results tab -> Viewpoint Operation tab ->
      Manage Registered Favorite Viewpoint

      Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any troubles.

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