Application92 Bending Analysis of Plate

A plate is applied load and bent.

【Analysis Model】
A resin plate is squeezed by a metal body to form a U-shape.
A symmetric quarter model is created for analysis in three steps as follows.

Step 1: The load is applied to the resin plate. The metal body is in a [death] state.
Step 2: The metal body is born. The load is gradually removed from the resin body and they contact each other.
Step 3: The metal body is moved to reduce the radius of curvature of the resin body.

The graph of reactive force of the metal body shows the transition of contact force at step 2 and step 3.
At step 2, the contact force shows a linear transition. At step 3, the transition is non-linear. This means the relationship between the radius of curvature and the contact force is not linear.