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- The license may not be issued if the purpose of use is military.
- We do not provide a price quotation because the prices are shown on the website.

*Note 1: Femtet is sold to those who belong to company (juridical person) but not to individuals. Please use email that has your company's e email domain instead of free email.
*Note 2: If you are a resident in Japan and would like to purchase Femtet in Japan, please contact Support Center for payment arrangement before submitting the order form.

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License packages

Femtet Basic

Price: $2399.00-


Femtet Accelerator

Price: $1599.00-


Femtet Advanced Mechanical

Price: $1999.00-


Femtet Advanced Magnetic

Price: $1999.00-


Femtet Advanced ElectroMagnetic

Price: $1999.00-


Femtet Advanced Thermal-Fluid

Price: $1999.00-


CAD Data Translator

Price: $1999.00-


Femtet Academic

Price: $199.00-


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Femtet License Agreement

Please refer to the following link for Femtet License Agreement.

Femtet License Agreement (PDF: 93KB)

Femtet CAD Data Translator License Agreement (PDF: 91KB)

Femtet Academic License Agreement (PDF: 138KB)

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