Femtet Personal

Femtet Personal is limited to non-commercial use and can only use basic functions.
As it has limited functionality, please use Femtet Free Trial (free of charge), which allows you to use all functions, for evaluation purposes.
However, it is possible to use Femtet Personal for commercial purposes as a viewer for model viewing and result display.
Please note that Femtet Personal does not include technical support.

See here for the limited functionality of Femtet Personal.

Fill in the application form.

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email with URL for downloading an installer.

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Femtet Terms of Use

Please refer to the following link for Femtet Terms of Use.

Femtet Terms of Use (PDF: 257KB)

Terms: With the aim of smoothly providing services to our customers, and assess statistical information to implement customized website features, e-mails or notifications, we may use your personal information. On some occasions we may share your information with business contractors. More information can be found in our site policy and privacy policy.