Purchasing Femtet

Q: How do I purchase Femtet?

A: Please go to Order for Femtet.

Q: Do you accept an order from individual?

A: We only accept orders from those belonging to corporation and organization.

Q: What is a valid period of the license?

A: The license is valid for one year. If you would like to extend the license, please apply for the license at Order for Femtet to renew the license.

Q: If I don’t intend to apply for license extension, do I have to inform you?

A: No.

Q: I received a notification telling me that my license will expire soon. What should I do to extend the validity?

A: You can extend the validity by order for the license.

Q: I want to buy the Japanese version of Femtet. Can I buy it?

A: There is no difference between Japanese and English versions of licenses. After purchasing the license at Order for Femtet, please download the Japanese version installer.

System Requirements

Q: What is the system requirements for Femtet?

A: The system requirements are as follows.

64-Bit Edition

OS Windows 11 x64 Edition / Windows 10 x64 Edition
CPU Intel® EM64T (Pentium, Xeon, Core, CeleronD)- and AMD® (Athlon64, Opteron)-based processors.
Not operational on Intel Itanium and Itanium2.
Memory Minimum: 4GB, Recommended: 16GB
Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher, Color: 16 bits (65000 colors) or more
Others Macros are supported in Excel2000 or higher.

32-Bit Edition

OS Windows 10
CPU Intel® IA32 (Pentium, Xeon, Core, Celeron)- and AMD® (Athlon, Opteron, Turion)-based processors.
Not operational on Intel Itanium and Itanium2.
Memory Minimum: 1GB, Recommended: 4GB
Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher, Color: 16 bits (65000 colors) or more
Others Macros are supported in Excel2000 or higher.

Q: Can I run Femtet on a PC that is not connected to the internet?

A: Yes you can. Download Femtet installer on a PC that is connected to the internet, copy the installer on to the PC that is not connected to the internet.

Q: Can I run Femtet on a remote desktop?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Is parallel computing possible?

A: Yes. Please note, however, that the cluster analysis which connects multiple computers are not supported.

Q: Can I check who is currently using Femtet?

A: You can see who is using license on which PC here.


Q: What is the difference between Femtet Free with Full Functions and Femtet Free with Limited Functions?

A: Both of them can be used free of charge. Free with Full Functions allows you to access all functionalities of Femtet Professional for 60 days. Free with Limited Functions can be used for maximum one year with limited functionalities. See the details.

Q: My security system does not allow me to upload a c2v file on your site.

A: Please contact us through Inquiries. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will send you a mail. Attach c2v file and send it back to us.

User Support

Q: What support can I expect?

A: We support you with operational issues and actions to take in the case of malfunction of Femtet.

Install Femtet

Q: An error occurs when I try to install Femtet.

A: The administrator rights are required for installation. See Installation Manual for details.

Q: An error occurs when I try to install Rastool.

A: Please ensure that you have the latest driver (Sentinel HASP/LDK – Command Line Run –time Installer) before the install.

  • 1. Decompress the file.
  • 2. [hadpdinst.exe] is created.
  • 3. Open DOS window from the Windows start menu.
  • 4. Drag and drop the [haspdinst.exe] on the DOS window.
  • 5. Type argument -i (see the figure below).
  • 6. Press enter and wait for a while.

If a message like [Operation successfully completed.] appears, proceed to installing Rustool.

Q: I can’t download the installer.

A: Please type your ID and password directly from the keyboard instead of “copy and paste”.

User Interface

Q: Can I import CAD data to Femtet?

A: X_T file and DXF file are supported. If the CAD has Parsolid as a kernel, the data can be handled by Femtet. The typical CAD are, Unigraphics®, IronCAD®, SolidEdge, and SolidWorks®. If you use CAD translator (optional), other formats of data can be imported as well.

Q: Can I edit an imported model?

A: Yes you can.

Q: I want to manage the optional settings PC by PC.

A: Go to Femtet button on the upper left on the Femtet window > General Settings > Optional Licenses tab.

Q: I want to examine the results at the specified coordinates.

A: Go to Results tab > Show Results > Results at Specified Coordinates.

Q: I want to examine the results at the specified entire face.

A: Right-click on the selected face of your wish > Output Node Results by CSV.

Q: I want to align the color bar scale for contour diagram of multiple results.

A: Double-click the color bar > Deselect [Automatic] for Minimum/Maximum Values on an appearing dialog box, then set the values of your wish.

Q: I want to display Y-parameters and Z-parameters on the graph.

A: Go to Field Graph Setting > Switch the type of parameters.

Q: I want to display the real part and imaginary part of VSWR and S-parameters on the graph.

A: Go to Field Graph Setting > Y axis > Switch the display items.


Q: What kind of mesh is available?

A: Mesh is triangle for 2D analysis, and tetrahedron for 3D analysis. Nastran mesh data can be imported.

Q: Can I export the mesh form to other software after analysis?

A: Go to Tool tab > Service > Save Nastran Data. You can save the deformed shape as well.

Q: How do I determine the proper mesh size?

A: In the finite element method, fine meshes are required for the place where the physical changes are drastic. You can use adaptive meshing function, which will automatically give a fine mesh size to the place where calculation error is large. You can also set a fine mesh size manually.

[Adaptive meshing function]

[Mesh size manually]

Analysis Functions

Q: What analysis can Femtet perform?

A: Femtet has eight solvers.

Electric Field Analysis Solves the electric field distribution when the voltage is applied to dielectric and conductive materials.
Magnetic Field Analysis Solves the magnetic field distribution when the current runs in coil or magnet.
Electromagnetic Analysis Solves the propagation constant, S-parameters, resonance of waveguide, and other various electromagnetic waves problems.
Acoustic Analysis Solves the sound propagation driven by sound pressure or velocity.
Piezoelectric Analysis Solves the behavior of piezoelectric materials such as quartz and piezoelectric ceramics.
Thermal Analysis Solves solid model which has temperature boundary condition or heat transfer boundary.
Mechanical Stress Analysis Solves the deformation and stress distribution of elastic material generated by such factors as pressure, load, acceleration, and thermal load.
Fluid Analysis Solves turbulent flows such as air cooling and water cooling can be taken into account.

Q: Is multiphysics possible?

A: Yes. Various kinds of coupled analyses are available.

The possible solver combinations and the physical properties passed on are shown below. There are two types of multiphysics analyses. In the weak-coupling analysis, results of solver 1 is passed on to solver 2. In the strong-coupling analysis, solvers 1 and 2 interact with each other.

Multiphysics Type
(Solver 1 to Solver 2)
Physical Properties Passed On To Solve
Electric Field-Thermal Analysis
(Strong Coupling)
Current density
Temperature distribution
Heat generated by Joule loss.
Magnetic Field-Thermal Analysis
(Strong Coupling)
Current density
Temperature distribution
Heat generated by Joule loss.
Piezoelectric-Acoustic Analysis
(Strong Coupling)
Sound pressure
Velocity converted from displacement.
Electromagnetic-Thermal Analysis
(Weak Coupling)
Current density Heat generated by Joule loss.
Thermal-Mechanical Stress Analysis
(Weak Coupling)
Temperature distribution Mechanical stress with temperature distribution taken into account.
Electric field-Mechanical Stress Analysis
(Weak Coupling)
Electrostatic force
Mechanical stress with electrostatic force taken into account.
Mechanical stress with rlectrostriction taken into account.
Magnetic field-Mechanical Stress Analysis
(Weak Coupling)
Electromagnetic force Mechanical stress with electromagnetic force taken into account.

Q: Can I automate the analysis process?

A: Femtet has a parametric analysis function. The dimensions and materials of the model and boundary conditions can be changed parametrically. Furthermore, the process from model creation to post-processing can be automated with the macro functions. Macros are written in VBA and work on Excel (see examples). For the details of Macro operations, go to [Macro Help] after activating Femtet.

Q: Is material database available?

A: yes Femtet has an extensive database covering various materials. You can register your won data too.

Q: What options do you offer?

A: CAD Translator is available. See the price.

Q: I want to control the number of cores to use.

A: Go to Femtet button on the upper left on Femtet window > General Settings > Setting for Parallel Computing.

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