Femtet at a Glance

Femtet is all-in-one CAE software equipped with 3D solid modeler, pre-/post-processors and 7 types of solvers. Tutorials and examples are available too. Here is a brief look at each functionality.

Modeling / Results Display


Femtet allows intuitive operations of model creation without knowing complicated commands in depth. Import and export of CAD data are supported.


Triangle or tetrahedral meshes are automatically generated by simply pressing a button. Partial mesh size setting and adaptive meshing are supported as well. Mesh size suitable for individual analysis is set automatically. Femtet can import mesh data in Nastran format for analysis.

Results Display

Simulation results are displayed in various ways like contour diagram, deformation diagram, vector diagram, cross-sectional diagram, and animation. The results can be saved in csv format.

Modeling Window

Results Window

Electromagnetic Analysis

Propagation constant, S-, Y-, Z-parameters, radiation characteristics, and magnetic field distribution are solved. Differential transmission line and TDR are calculated as well. Saving data in the Touchstone format allows analysis with a circuit simulator.


Wireless Power Transmission


Magnetic Field Analysis

Magnetic field distribution, magnetic flux density, induced current, and magnetic force are solved. Also, inductance and impedance characteristics, coupling coefficient, loss, and motor characteristics (torque, T-N, T-I) are solved. A transient analysis is available to solve problem like arbitrary waveform. Materials with nonlinear B-H curve are calculated as well.




Electric Field Analysis

Electric field and current distributions of dielectric and conductive materials with voltage being applied are solved. Also, capacitance and resistance across electrodes and force applied to dielectric material are solved. Plating and hall element are calculated as well.




Mechanical Stress Analysis

Mechanical stress, displacement, and deformation are solved. Problems like structural behavior under load acceleration, bending by self weight are calculated. Deformation by thermal load and impact on a falling object are analyzed as well. Elastic, elasto-plastic, viscoelastic, and hyperelastic materials are analyzed.



Life of Solder

Thermal Analysis

Heat conductivity, heat transfer, radiation, and heat flux are solved. Steady-state analysis and transient analysis together with nonlinear material will realize the optimum thermal design. Simple-fluid thermal analysis is available as well.

Heat Transfer

Heat Dissipation of LED

Air Cooling

Piezoelectric Analysis

Structures made of quartz crystal or piezoelectric ceramic are analyzed. Static analysis, Eigen value analysis, frequency characteristics analysis, and transient analysis are available. Vibration distribution and impedance characteristics are solved for devices like sensor, buzzer, and actuator.


Piezoelectric Gyrosensor

Ultrasonic Motor

Acoustic Analysis

Sound pressure distribution and particle velocity distribution are solved. Reflection, diffraction, resonance and directivity of sound waves are calculated as well. Coupling analysis with piezoelectric solver allows calculation of sound waves propagation generated by a vibrating device like back sonar.


Ultrasonic Sensor

Reflection & Diffraction


For advanced applications, you can use Macros to make calculation while changing dimensions, to give frequency dependency to materials, and to combine with other tools.

Example: Macro Programming (VBA)

Tutorials / Examples

Learn and familiarize yourself with Femtet operations.


What's New

Main new features of Femtet® 2018.0 are as follow. See Femtet® 2018.0 What's New (PDF: 3.41MB) for more details. Download an installer from here.

TDR function is available in electromagnetic analysis.

Deformed shape can be taken into account.

Angular velocity is available in piezoelectric analysis.

Halbach magnetization is available for magnetic field transient analysis.

Mehser with more robustness.

Healing function is available for a modeler.

Streamlines/Forcelines and Contour/Vector diagrams are displayable at the same time.