Prices are valid for one year for one license on one computer.

Package Licensing Type Prices (excluding taxes)
Femtet Professional Software license US$4,999.00
CAD Translator (Optional) Software license US$2,499.00
Academic Pack Software license US$199.00
Price list of Japanese version is here.
  • - One-year support is included in the license.
  • - Academic pack does not include support.
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Available packages are Femtet Professional and Academic Pack.

By opting for CAD Translator, you can import or export model data in various formats.

  • Femtet Professional

    Modeling and seven solvers (electromagnetic waves, magnetic field, electric field, mechanical stress, thermal, piezoelectric, and acoustic analyses), and their multiphysics analysis are available.

  • Academic Pack

    All functions of Femtet Professional are available except CAD Translator. Academic Pack is for academic use at universities, high schools, and other educational institutions. User support is not included.

  • CAD Translator (Optional)


    CATIAR V6, V5, V4, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER®, I-deas, JT, Unigraphics®/NX, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge, ACIS®, Autodesk Inventor, IGES, STEP, STL, PRC, IFC, VRML



Licensing Type

There are three different ways to use software license.

  • Install license and Femtet on the same computer.

  • Install license and Femtet on the same computer and access to it with remote desktop.

  • Install license on a computer and use it as a server. Install Femtet on client computers. Multiple users can use Femtet at the same time according the the number of licenses.

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