Prices & Licensing Types


Price of each license is valid for one year per computer.

Package Licensing Type Prices (excluding taxes)
Femtet Basic Software license US$1,999.00
Femtet Accelerator (Optional) Software license US$1,599.00
Femtet Advanced Mechanical (Optional) Software license US$1,999.00
Femtet Advanced Magnetic (Optional) Software license US$1,999.00
Femtet Thermal-Fluid (Optional) Software license US$1,999.00
CAD Data Translator (Optional) Software license US$1,999.00
Femtet Academic Software license US$199.00
  • - One-year support is included in the license.
  • - Femtet Academic does not include support.
  • - If the license file is to be transferred from the current computer to another one, the transfer fee will be incurred. For details, please contact us through the "Inquiries".


In addition to Femtet Basic, options are available: Accelerator, Advanced Mechanical, Advanced Magnetic, and Thermal-Fluid.

Also, option for CAD Data Translator is available, which enables you to import/export model data created by various types of CAD software.

Licensing Types

There are three different ways to use software license.

  • Install license and Femtet on the same computer.

  • Install license and Femtet on the same computer and access to it with remote desktop.

  • Install license on a computer and use it as a server. Install Femtet on client computers. Multiple users can use Femtet at the same time according the number of licenses.

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