Application8 Wideband Leaky Wave Antenna System – Kitazawa Lab., Department of Electrial and Electronic Engineering, Ritsumeikan University –

The wideband leaky wave antenna, which is intended for the next-generation use, was analyzed.
As shown in Fig. 1, the antenna consists of two microstrip lines. The composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-TL) technique was used.
Figures 4, 5, and 6 show high gain in the wide bandwidth.

Fig. 1 Power Supply Circuit and Dimensions

Fig. 2 Frequency Characteristic of Phase Difference at Output Terminal

Fig. 3 Microstrip Leaky Wave Antenna System

Fig. 4 Radiation Pattern (6.5GHz)

Fig. 5 Radiation Pattern (7.5GHz)

Fig. 6 Radiation Pattern (8.5GHz)