Application104 Phased-array Sound Source

This example shows how to manipulate the direction of a plane wave using sound sources with sequentially shifted phases.

Analysis Model
The analysis model is a 2D model for less computation load.
The sound sources are located on a base plane.
The sources are sequentially located with constant intervals and constant phase shifts on the plane, and sound waves are emitted into the open domain of the air.

If the phase shift is zero, the direction of the plane wave is perpendicular to the base plane.
If the phase is shifted such that both ends are shifted by 360 degrees, the sound wave is emitted in the direction depending on the distance between both ends and also the wavelength.
The difference in phase between both ends is freely determined.
If the wave on the left has a leading phase, the wave is emitted in the leftward direction.
In the opposite case, the wave is emitted in the rightward direction.

Please see Femet Official YouTube Channel where you can see the movie of this example.
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