Application87 Heat Cycle

Heat cycle is analyzed by switching on/off heat source.

【Analysis Model】
Analysis model is a symmetric quarter model consisted of substrate and IC chip mounted with solder balls.
A heat source is inside the IC chip and switched on and off. Temperature is distributed on the substrate. Temporal change of the temperature distribution is solved by the thermal-transient analysis. The temperature distribution is used as a reached temperature for the stress-static analysis. The accumulated equal inelastic strain is gradually increasing inside the solder balls (elasto-plastic creep material) according to the on/off of the heat source.

Temperature distribution over the entire model and its temporal change are obtained. Also, the distribution and its temporal change of the accumulated equivalent inelastic strain generated at the solder balls are obtained.
As a reference, a comparison list of the multi-step thermal load analysis of the thermal solver and the thermal-transient-stress coupled analysis is attached.