Application55 Thermal Analysis of Crucible

Thermal analysis is performed on a crucible placed in a vacuum chamber. The crucible is heated by the induction heating.

An analysis model is shown in Fig. 1. The model consists of a chamber, a coil, a crucible, and an object to heat.
As the electromagnetic analysis result in Fig. 2 shows, the induced current is generated and the Joule loss occurs.
Fig. 3 shows a dialog box for result import. The loss density is used for a fluid-thermal analysis.
The crucible and the object to heat are heated as shown in the result of fluid-thermal analysis (Fig. 4).

*In the vacuum chamber, convection does not occur. However in this example, the fluid is set as air to show how the convection heats the air.

*The loss density is obtained as a result of electric analysis, magnetic analysis, and electromagnetic analysis. It can be flexibly used for a fluid-thermal analysis.

Fig. 1: Analysis Model

Fig. 2: Result of Electromagnetic Analysis

Fig. 3: Result Import

Fig. 4: Result of Fluid Analysis