Application71 Transient Analysis of Ringing Bell

Transient analysis is performed on a temple bell that is struck with a bar.
Vibration mode spectrum varies depending on the Young's modulus of the striking bar.
The change of spectrum means the change in tone of the bell.

【Analysis Model】
A bell is struck by a bar.
A contact surface boundary is set to the contact area of the bell and bar. An initial velocity is given to the striking bar.
A transient analysis begins just before the striking bar hits the bell. The timestep is determined based on the resonant frequency obtined in the resonant analysis.

The contact force and contact time of the striking bar changes according to its Young's mudulus.Accordingly, the spectrum of the basic mode and higher-order mode changes.
Also, the stress distribution, the deformation, and the vibration waveform of the bell change as well.

【Options Used in This Example】
Option for the Advanced Mechanical is used to perform the transient analysis. Option for the Accelerator reduces the calculation time.