Application74 Vibration Analysis of Leaded Component

The displacement is analyzed when vibration is applied to the feet of leads of a component.
In the harmonic analysis, sinusoidal vibration is only analyzed. In the transient analysis, arbitrary waveform can be analyzed.
*The stress-transient analysis is optional.

【Analysis Model】
Timesteps setting is an important factor for the transient analysis.
By performing a resonant analysis in advance to obtain the frequency of the resonance mode excited by the vibration displacement, it can be used as a reference when setting appropriate timesteps.
In this example,the timesteps are set considering the two resonance modes that are expected to occur due to the vibration displacement in the Z direction.
High speed and low speed of vibration waveforms are prepared for comparison.

In the case of high speed vibration waveform, the vibration displacement shows the high-order resonant mode.
In the case of low speed vibration waveform, the low-order resonant mode is shown.
The stresses generated at the leads show different behavior according to the vibration speed.