Application59 Integrated Analysis with MATLAB/Simulink for Motor Drive

A motor drive analysis is performed by integrating with MATLAB/Simulink.

Fig. 1 is a flow of integrated analysis.
Femtet analyzes basic characteristics with various conditions, and exports the results as a MATLAB-formatted script file.
Fig. 2 shows an output setting.
MATLAB/Simulink imports the result file to a perform motor drive analysis taking motor control into account.
Fig. 3 is an example of the data import.
Unlike a simplified PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) model, the motor characteristics file obtained by the FEM analysis allows you to perform a motor drive analysis with detailed motor characteristics taken into account.
Fig. 4 shows analysis results.
The profile of the nonlinear counter-electromotive force is shown, which cannot be analyzed with a simplified PMSM model having fixed counter-electromotive force.

*For this analysis, the optional license Femtet Advanced Magnetic is required.

Fig. 1: Flow of Integrated Analysis

Fig. 2: Output Setting

Fig. 3: FEM-Parameterized_PMSM

Fig. 4: Analysis Result